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Jörn Süberling

(senior manager) has specialized in insolvency administration since 2002 and has extensive knowledge in respect of insolvency liquidation proceedings. The focus of his day-to-day work lies in managing the economic and tax-related aspects of continuing the debtor’s business in insolvency proceedings, as well as assisting the insolvency administrator in restructuring and selling the debtor’s assets as a going concern. Furthermore, Mr. Süberling has gathered profound experience as a case manager for insolvencies involving air travel, software marketing and sales, and investment companies. After completing his education as an assistant tax accountant, Mr. Süberling began working for a certified auditor. He then spent several years working for a certified public accountant in Hamburg where he specialized in providing assistance to companies on insolvency-related tax issues. Jörn Süberling has worked for several large German law firms as an insolvency case manager, including Dr. Weiland & Partner (2002 – 2004). After leaving Dr. Weiland & Partner in 2004, Mr. Süberling was responsible for many high-profile insolvency cases as a senior case specialist with White & Case Insolvenz GbR in Hamburg before leaving to join SJPP in 2013.