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Regulated Markets

Regulated Markets.

We support our clients in their participation in regulated markets and support them in their dealings with authorities. Our advice comprises matters of administrative law, security and risk prevention as well as aspects of access to limited resources and competition supervision. Particularly for foreign clients unfamiliar with the German regulatory law, we prepare legal analyses for market access and make inquiries regarding anticipated modifications of legal framework conditions in particular through ongoing legislative proceedings and planned legislative initiatives.

We often advise on regulated markets jointly with transactional services or public or corporate law structuring.

Our vast experience in regulated markets enables us to create particular added value for foreign clients in Germany.

We have particular expertise in the following areas of law:

In bank regulatory 1aw, we have advised various municipal savings banks (Sparkassen) in structuring and the assessing their business activities in accordance with the German Banking Act (KWG), the Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR) and the Capital Requirements Directive (CRD IV). We additionally support our clients with respect to the obligation for their activities to be approved in accordance with the European and German provisions on the regulation of the financial market.

Our expertise in supply and disposal law extends to the structuring of regional authorities under public law, privatizations and remunicipalizations. In addition to the relevant national rules and regulations such as the Energy Industry Act (EnWG), Water Resources Act (WHG) and the Recycling Act (KrWG), we also advise on the corresponding EU law regulations and directives.

Our special knowledge in the field of renewable energies comprises in particular the assessment (Due Diligence), acquisition, operation and sale of wind parks, biomass power plants and vegetable oil producers as well as the trading of electricity and related regulatory law matters. In the area of climate protection law, we have many years of experience with the conceptualization, approval and management of projects in accordance with the Kyoto protocol (JI and CDM) and voluntary emissions reduction standards as well as the drafting of corresponding emissions trading agreements. We support our clients in dealing with emissions rights in corporate transactions and insolvency proceedings.

In addition to experience in general medicine supervisory law, we have special expertise in medical nuclear law and the right of medical care centers.