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Private Clients

Private Clients.

Family-owned businesses make up more than 90% of the companies operating in Germany. They generate more than 40% of the turnover and provide every second job. This earns our greatest respect and recognition. Advising family-owned businesses, family entrepreneurs and managing bodies of family-owned businesses suits us because we are entrepreneurs as well. We think, decide and act as entrepreneurs. Advising family-owned businesses on corporate law matters goes hand in hand with advising the owning entrepreneurs. They appreciate our loyalty, flexibility and independence and our fast and precise advice. We support family-owned businesses to utilize their strengths in a profitable way, put themselves in an optimal legal position and make adjustments early in a transaction.

Advising family-owned businesses goes hand in hand with advising family entrepreneurs.

Among others, we advise family-owned businesses on the following corporate law matters:

» preparing the necessary documentation for the formation of a company

» advising on the selection and change of legal form

» preparing shareholders’ agreements

» restructuring and reorganizing family-owned businesses

» advising on corporate transactions and joint ventures in Germany and abroad

» restructuring and reorganizing family-owned businesses

» organizing and accompanying family and shareholder meetings

» drafting agreements and ongoing contractual advice

» litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution both among shareholders and in operative business