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Partnership and Corporate Law

Partnership and Corporate Law.

We advise German and international companies, their managing bodies and shareholders on all aspects of corporate law. This includes the entire scope of partnership law, in particular, the law of limited partnerships, silent partnerships and limited partnerships with a limited liability company as a general partner (e.g. GmbH & Co. KGs), stock corporations, limited liability companies, cooperative and group law as well as joint ventures and the ongoing management of corporate law agreements.

We assist in the formation of companies and subesequent restructurings, the drafting of corporate governance documents and all structural and capital measures. This includes, inter alia, transformations, mergers and demergers and the conclusion and implementation of intercompany agreements. If a company is to be terminated, we provide competent support in its liquidation.

Good corporate law advice means developing a custom-tailored solution from the various opportunities provided by law.

We have extensive experience in preparing articles of association, rules of procedure and shareholders’ agreements and have drafted, implemented and defended as well as contested such in court frequently in many years of activity. We know customary restructuring models for establishing supervisory and advisory boards, shareholder committees and various dealings with groups of shareholders, and have prepared and negotiated them multiple times.

In all of these measures, we are dedicated to the economic aims of our clients, develop required structures with them and implement them efficiently and cost-effectively. We see our job as a creative process and look beyond the existing corporate law realm as well.

We also support in the preparation and execution of shareholders’ and annual general meetings. For publicly listed companies, this also includes the entire management of the meetings, dealing with critical shareholders and notification and publication requirements in accordance with the German Securities Trading Act as well as the German Stock Corporation Act.