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Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions.

We are entrepreneurs. We think, decide and act as entrepreneurs. Our advice focuses on the most economically feasible solution for our clients. We therefore do not only see ourselves as legal advisors but also as business partners of our clients. We implement the most economically expedient result with top quality and precision.

Advising M&A transactions is a job for partners at our firm. Nothing replaces experience. We know the financial and legal pitfalls and protect our clients from momentous mistakes. The same applies for the question of whether an envisioned M&A transaction should even be pursued (further). We discourage our clients from carrying out or continuing transactions “at all costs.”

We think, act and decide as entrepreneurs.

We concentrate on what’s most important and do not get lost in formal legal pettiness. This is especially the case for due diligence reviews. We point out the significant risks to our clients and show ways to eliminate or minimize them. We abstain from insignificant and merely descriptive issues.

If we are assigned to prepare initial drafts of an M&A agreement package, we concentrate on market standard and fair contractual practice. We comment on and revise the drafts of the other party based on the premise of what is economically important and legal market standard for our clients. We are known in contract negotiations as being assertive and decisive but always fair negotiating partners. We know the contractual clauses prone to dispute and typical argumentation patterns. We reach fair compromises with solution-oriented and creative drafting proposals.

Our clients can be sure that we give every M&A transaction the utmost priority and maximum availability of the selected team. We don’t let up until we have successfully closed the transaction. We are not satisfied until our clients are satisfied with the results of our advice.