Insolvency Administration

Insolvency Administration.

We have extensive experience winding up corporate insolvencies in various industries and on a range of scales, including listed stock corporations. Two partners of the firm regularly work as court-appointed insolvency administrators and custodians. In debtor-in-possession proceedings, we advise the management from the insolvency filing until completion of the restructuring. All partners have sustained professional experience in complex insolvency and restructuring cases. Our goal is to preserve companies and jobs and satisfy creditors as best as possible. We use the leeway of the Insolvency Code to do so – ranging from the recapitalization through the transfer of business to another company to insolvency planning procedure.

SJPP conducts its insolvency administration services through an independent partnership, the Schmidt-Jortzig Petersen Penzlin Insolvenzverwaltung Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB.


About our proceedings.

At this point, creditors and business partners of an insolvent enterprise may find information about some of the proceedings managed by SjPP (in German only).

Creditor Information System.

The Creditor Information System (German "Gläubigerinformationssystem", abbreviated: "GIS") allows you to view our proceedings online (in German only). You will receive information on the current state of the proceedings, may review your lodged claims and learn wether they have been accepted or rejected. We provide this service to the creditors in selected proceedings.


Below you may find some documentation, useful in all proceedings managed by SjPP, on offer to download.

Downloads on offer:
Schedule for lodgement of a claim, blank
» Bulletin EuInsVO (German)
» Bulletin EuInsVO (Englisch)